Mascot Cleaning


Our costumes have a reputation for durability and character, but they still need regular upkeep. Proper care will help ensure that your costume has a long life and always looks its best.

Please read the following instructions carefully. Non-adherence to these care instructions may void the costume's warranty.

• Always remember to hang your costume body on a hanger and brush after each use.
• Keep the head suspended on a stand to allow it to air-out properly following each use.
• Store your costume in a well-ventilated area away from excessive temperatures. Car trunks and back seats are not good places for prolonged storage.
• Do not store your costume in a box, bag, or case for long periods.

Cleaning the Body
• The costume body should be washed after every third or fourth wearing. Most costume bodies are machine-washable using a cold delicate cycle with mild detergent and fabric softener.
• Allow the costume to dry. A dryer may be used if set to air fluff with no heat.
• Brush the costume while it's still damp, using a vented brush.
• Do not store the costume while it is still damp.
• Do not have the costume dry cleaned. It will cause the fur to mat.

Cleaning the Head
• The costume head should be brushed regularly if it is covered in faux fur.
• The fur on the head should be hand-cleaned using a mild detergent, such as Woolite.
• Store the head in its natural shape. A simple stand could be constructed using PVD pipe. Instructions are included with the costume.
• Clean latex and plastic with sponge and mild detergent.
• Spray disinfectant on the inside of the head to eliminate odor. A good mixture is 50% water and 50% Listerine.
• Leather based conditioners, such as Armor All, can be used on the latex portions. Use it lightly and avoid spraying the fabric.

Cleaning the Feet
• Feet should be hand-cleaned with a mild detergent.

Minor Repairs
• Minor repairs, using hot glue, contact adhesive, or a needle and thread, can keep little problems from becoming big ones.

• If you need to ship your costume, it should be packed carefully in a way that allows only latex features to remain in their natural shape.

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