Custom Mascot Design


When it comes to designing your mascot, Costume City goes the extra mile. We not only provide our customers with a same-day design service, but we do it absolutely free of charge. That means that as a customer of Costume City, you will have a free conceptual design for your mascot in just 24 hours time.
Our design process is unparalleled in the industry, and we take time to make the experience both enjoyable and productive for our customers. Here is how the process works:

Target Audience
As with all marketing endeavors, it is paramount to consider your company's target audience first before designing a company logo or a mascot. Questions to keep in mind include: What are your company's products and/or services? What age, sex, and other characteristics best describe your potential clientele? These, among many other considerations, will determine the style and "feel" that your logo and/or mascot design should have.

Frequency of Appearances
Another important factor to consider is the number of times per year and the types of events where your mascot will appear. If the mascot is to be used heavily, this will necessitate different kinds of materials be used for durability over mascots that will only be used occasionally. Will the general public be in physical contact with the costume (shaking hands, giving hive-fives, hugging, etc.)? If so, this will affect the construction of your costume, so it is important to visualize the role of the mascot for your organization before the costume manufacturing begins.

Copyright and Trademark
Unlike other custom mascot services, Costume City transfers all copyrights and trademarks associated with the creation of your logo and/or mascot to the client. Naturally, this is completely free of charge.

Catalog Costumes vs. Custom Costumes
Similar to having a dress or suit tailored to your body's specific dimensions versus buying pre-made sizes off the rack, custom mascots can be designed to fit your organization's needs exactly instead of having to settle for what designs are in stock or available for special order. While Costume City has a rich catalog full of great designs, it is highly recommended that anyone considering a mascot should order a custom design. Tailor-made designs for your company, school, or organization will be a far more effective marketing tool and will ultimately meet your specific needs better in terms of creating and promoting an image or brand.

Costume Designs and Pricing
In terms of cost, we believe you will find our design services are very competitive with other top custom mascot services in the industry. If you have a specific budget, we will work with you to make sure the design process stays within your allotted funds for the costume. Costume City's high quality design and manufacturing, coupled with our economical prices, should be a great fit for a budget of almost any size.

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