Low Price Guarantee

At Costume City, we are committed to our customers' satisfaction in every way possible, from quality to selection to the lowest prices available online! We want to be sure you get the best for less so, with this goal in mind, we are proud to offer the Costume City Low Price Guarantee.

The way it works is simple: If you find something you purchased at Costume City for less at another online shop, just let us know and we will match the price 100%, and give you an extra 25% of the difference!

Here's how the Costume City Low Price Guarantee works:

1) How to file a claim
If you find a price lower than ours at another website within 7 days from the purchase date, contact us by email service@costumecity.com or fax 206-859-4299 with the following information:

Your order number, name and id of the product, a link to the other store's product page (web link), along with their item number or SKU, and the total price for your order, including shipping charges, taxes, and/or other fees. Note that shipping methods at the other store must be equivalent to the one you selected for your Costume City order. Please make a copy for your records showing the price.

2) Confirmation of Receipt
We will begin processing your information within 3 business days of your email or fax. You will receive an email from us, confirming receipt of your claim. We may ask for additional information (if needed) or require a resubmission of the claim if the original is incomplete at this point.

3) Review Period
The review process takes about one week. When completed, we will let you know via email whether or not your claim was approved, along with the total payment amount to you, if applicable.

4) Claim Eligibility
Here's what we review on a Costume City Low Price Guarantee claim: Complete and accurate information; lower-priced items must be identical to those you purchased from Costume City; whether or not lower-priced items come from a legitimate online store (excludes auction, consignment, liquidation/overstock/closeout stores, etc.); any lower-priced items must be in stock and shippable to your location; lower-priced items cannot be closeouts or clearance items and must be brand new (i.e., not used, refurbished, or otherwise different from brand-new in-package items); and any special coupons or discounts will not be counted for determining the price difference.

5) Getting Paid
All Costume City Low Price Guarantee payments due to you will be issued in the form of a refund to your credit card or your PayPal® account (the same one used for the purchase). For example, if the price difference is $20.00, we will credit you back a total refund of $25.00 (100% plus 25% of the difference).

Got Questions?
If you have more questions, call us at 1-800-522-4031. You can also contact us via LIVE CHAT available on line, send us an email to service@costumecity.com or fax us at 206-859-4299.