Custom Mascot Costumes

In addition to our wide selection of pre-designed mascots and costumes, Costume City offers the highest quality custom costume creation available.

We specialize in bringing to life your creations for schools, businesses, trade shows, television and film, marketing, or anything else you desire your one of a kind creation to be a part of.

We will guide you through the process of designing your custom mascot costume from the ground up. Beginning with the brainstorming and design stage, we assist you in developing a clear blueprint for your creation. Will your costume be primarily indoors or outdoors? What will the weather be like? How large shall the mascot be? What is your budget and timeframe for delivery? These are just a few of the questions that assure your costume meets your precise specifications.


Custom Mascot

Once the perfect design has been achieved, we then guide you through the selection of materials, construction, ornamentation, and on to the final delivery.  Costume City has you covered each step of the way. No mascot too unique or abstract. From surfing alligators to bar-b-cue chicken spokesfowls, there is nothing our experienced and qualified team can't handle.


Costume City offers a completely free and flexible custom design service for our customers. We will work with you through each stage of the design process to refine your existing concept, create new ideas, or incorporate suggestions and ideas from our other customers. Every aspect of your project is treated with utmost care until your vision is made a reality through our design service.


Costume City uses the best quality materials in the industry, but we also pride ourselves on attention to detail--a fact that brings our satisfied customers back again and again. We will treat your project as if it were our own and that means no compromises in creating your mascot. With the best materials and finest workmanship, we will create a costume that fits your needs perfectly, whether you need it for a sports team, "Meet and Greets", walkabouts, or even aquatic use!


Finally, Costume City offers a wide array of services which make us top choice for anyone shopping for a custom mascot. From custom management to advertising and consulting services, we take care of you every step of the way. 

To maximize the potential marketing impact of your mascot, Costume City offers planning and advice services so you can promote your school, business, or organization like a pro.