Top 5 Halloween Costume Ideas For Boys (21 days left!)

October 10, 2018

Halloween. It’s every child’s favorite holiday…behind Christmas of course! Below you’ll find 6 Halloween costume ideas for boys, all of which are available at Costume City. From the typical heroic fireman to futuristic robots, we have it all. So, what are you waiting for?! Get a head start on your Halloween shopping today!

1. Dash from The Incredibles

Although the original Incredibles movie came out 14 years ago, the latest generation of youngsters has just been exposed to the Parr family with the recent release of Incredibles 2. 

Dash is the ideal Halloween costume idea for boys looking to show off their incredible side. And you never know, this super suit just might give your child super powers!

2. Darth Vader from Star Wars

Take a step out of this world and over to the dark side with this Darth Vader costume from the world famous Star Wars franchise.

This sleek all-black costume is the choice for boys who are fans of movies or who just want to get a taste of what it feels like to be one of the most feared villains in the whole galaxy.

3. Elvis

The “King” is in the building! Your child will stun in this sequined, one of a kind Elvis costume.

This is the ideal Halloween costume idea for boys who are into singing, dancing, and being in the limelight. Or, maybe your child just enjoys the occasionally fried peanut butter and banana sandwich.

Either way, this costume will ensure your child has a show-stopping good time on Halloween.

4. Simba from The Lion King

Among Disney’s most well-known movies, this Lion King inspired costume is sure to make your child the fiercest lion on the block.

This is the best lion costume on the market, which makes it the quintessential Halloween costume idea for boys.

So, have yourself a roaring good time this Halloween!

5. Captain Jack Sparrow

Ahoy Mateys! Any fan of the Pirates of the Caribbean with absolutely has to have this costume!

Your child will steal more than just valuable treasures dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow. He will also steal your heart and maybe a piece of candy or two.

This is one of the most popular Halloween costume ideas for boys on the market. Snatch one up today before they're gone.

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