Toddler Halloween Costumes (51 days left!)

September 10, 2018

Your tiny tot may just be learning to walk or cry at every trick-or-treater passing by, but that’s no reason to leave them out of the Halloween fun!

Include your toddler in the fun and dress them up whether it’s for school, trick-or-treating, or a party.

Kid’s often love dress up and being included in activities with their older siblings and parents. At the very least, it will make for some adorable pictures that you will cherish for years. Check out these toddler costumes for this Halloween.

toddler costumes

Simple Toddler Costumes

These costumes can be easily thrown together with a few accessories or a simple outfit which allows your toddler to be comfortable. These options are great for the toddler that is not quite sure about the whole dress-up concept,  as well as last-minute party savers!


There are many cute ghost toddler costumes on the market. And if all else fails, go the Charlie Brown route and cut some eye holes in a bed sheet.


All your toddler really needs is two key staples. A witch hat and a broom. For clothes, they can wear a witch dress, or just simply wear black with green or purple.


Simply wear red and get some devil horns! If you really want to add some more detail, you can style with a red tutu, cape, tail,  pitchfork, or bow.


There are so many different ideas of what a monster can look like! Choose from one of the many adorable one-piece monster costumes for toddlers sold online and in stores, or create your own. Pinterest has many DIY monster costumes that you can turn into a fun project for you and your tot. Or keep it simple with monster accessories such as horns, fur, and extra eyeballs.


Turn your little pumpkin into a real pumpkin with these adorable costumes. These outfits are soft and plush keeping your child warm and cozy in the chilly autumn weather.


Another costume that can be easily found from many party suppliers as well as put together last minute with simple accessories. They key characteristics are the halo, and the color white. 

Hello Kitty

Just get some white cat ears, a solid pink dress, a matching bow, and draw on a yellow nose and whiskers with makeup. Hello Kitty is a very simple but cute costume, and there most likely won't be another one wherever your Halloween is spent.  If you have a difficult time finding ears, find a DIY tutorial on Pinterest.

Red Riding Hood

There are many full outfit red riding hood costumes for retail in stores, but essentially all you really need is the red hooded cape for a simple solution. 

Ghost and pumpkin toddler costumes

Cute Toddler Costumes

These costumes are classic choices that are easy to find in any party store or Halloween supplier and simply just look adorable!


Many little ones dream of being a princess. We have a wide variety of princess costumes in many colors. Don’t forget the tiara and glass slippers!

Also check our YouTube channel.

Here are our princesses, sorted by character:

Elsa and Anna

So your little one dreams of being a princess, but more specifically, of the Disney family. Elsa and Anna from Frozen are some of the most popular costumes every year. Make your little princess’s dreams come true with these enchanting costumes from Amazon.


For the princess that likes more adventure. Moana is another beloved Disney heroin that has produced cute and popular costumes. 

Lilo & and Sitch

Dress your little one as Lilo or Sitch, or both if you have two little monsters! Lilo can easily be created with a red tube top, grass skirt, and a lei. Sitch requires a bit more of a costume. Luckily, there are many Sitch pajamas that double as costumes so your toddler will be extra warm and cuddly, and get use out of this onesie year round.


Your kids may be incredible every day, and you may feel like as a parent you may have superpowers, but how often do either of you get to wear a super suit?! Your whole family can dress up as the Incredibles. 


This costume is the perfect opportunity for the glitter lovers. There are many fairy costumes for retail in stores and online, but all your really need is a colorful pair of wings and a cute outfit. Accessories with colored hairspray, glitter, wands, tutus, stickers, and jewelry.

Candy Corn

This sweet treat also makes for a sweet costume. 

Winnie the Pooh

Winnie, or any of the hundred acre woods friends make a precious Halloween costume for children. Get the soft and fuzzy Pooh or Tigger costumes here.

Mario and Luigi

Your toddler may still be too young to play the games, but they would look hilarious in a mustache. Mario and Luigi are both available here as well as many other party and costume retailers.


Batman, Spider-Man, Superman, Supergirl, Captain America, you name it, we have it.

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