The Ultimate Guide to Comic-Con Costumes

July 16, 2018

It is a tradition for attendees at Comic-Con to wear costumes inspired by their favorite book, television show, movie, video game, etc.

Since the first Comic-Con in 1970, both the attendance and popularity of the convention has grown rapidly. There are dozens of Comic-Con events that take place all around the world each year.

At these multi-day conventions, there are a wide variety of events to attend. From seminars and panels on how to illustrate comic books, to private screenings of the latest and greatest in the film industry. Comic-Con has something for everyone!

If you’re interested in attending Comic-Con and looking for the right costume, look no farther! Many of these unique and elaborate Comic-Con costumes are available online at Costume City.

Here are some of our favorite comic con costumes:


Groot has made an appearance in several movies, from the Avengers franchise to many other Marvel superhero-themed movies. He has the power to both regenerate after being killed as well as the ability to grow new “limbs” at will.

Adult Sassy Red Queen CostumeThe Red Queen

The Red Queen is everyone’s favorite (or least favorite) evil villain from Alice in Wonderland and the sequel Alice Through the Looking Glass. This is the perfect costume for anyone who is a fan of tarts, has a darker side, or has a large ego (aka big head). Other possible Comic-Con costumes from the above films include: The Mad Hatter, Alice, and The White Queen.


Deadpool is another well-known comic book character that hit the big screen recently in his own stand-alone movies. He is one of Marvel’s few comic book characters who are aware he is fictional. Some of his powers include being able to heal extremely quickly from any injury, possessing an array of holographic disguises, and having a magical satchel.

Cruella De Vil

Cruella De Vil is one of the most well-known villains in Disney movie history. She certainly made her mark in all of our hearts as an especially vile person in the 101 Dalmatians film. She is just as rich as she is mean.

The Joker

The Joker is the villain everyone loves to hate. He’s creepy, evil, and funny all at the same time! While the character of the Joker has been in comic books since the 1940’s, he didn’t make his big screen debut until 2008 in The Dark Knight. In a battle of good versus evil, it’s Batman vs. The Joker. Whose side are you on?!

Teen Wonder Woman CostumeWonder Woman

Wonder Woman made her first appearance in DC comics in October 1941. She not only has the ability to heal quickly (like Deadpool) but also possesses both Superhuman strength and the ability to fly. However, it wasn’t until June of last year that she got here appeared in her first stand-alone movie.

The Dark Northern Knight

Game of Thrones became a hit show when it premiered on HBO in 2011. It is a fantasy and drama series following several noble families quest for power and freedom. While the show is slated to end after it’s eighth and final seasons airs in 2019, the fandom will live on!

Princess Leia

Everyone, Star Wars fan or not, knows who Princess Leia is. She had an impact on countless people, beyond just her role as a strong, independent female in a galaxy far, far away.

Homer Simpson

Homer Simpson is everyone’s favorite lazy, and intellectually challenged dad. He has an affinity for beer and donuts that sometimes seems to overshadow his love for his family. The Simpsons quickly became a hit when it premiered in 1989. Other possible Comic-Con costumes from the show include: Marge, Bart, Lisa, Maggie, and everyone’s favorite…Krusty the Clown.

Kids Black Widow Deluxe CostumeThe Black Widow

The Black Widow first made her appearance in Marvel comics in April 1964. Since then she has appeared in multiple Marvel movies, including: The Avengers, Captain America, and Iron Man 2. She has the ability to slow down the aging process, and an enhanced immune system.

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