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Ten Creative (and FUN!) Halloween Costumes for Kids (58 days left!)

September 03, 2018

It can be difficult to be unique on Halloween, but with these costume ideas, your little one will be sure to stand out from the other trick-or-treaters!

1. Daenerys and Her Dragons

This is a perfect DIY costume for any mom who is also a Game of Thrones fan. Simply grab this Mother of Dragons shirt from Etsy, pair it with any maxi skirt and a braid crown (or a long blonde wig if you need to) and you’re set! 

2. The Man in The Yellow Hat

Who doesn’t love Curious George? For this DIY costume you need boots, the belt, yellow tie, and the pants. A button-down shirt can be dyed at home with RIT dye along with any black fabric paint for the dots.

3. DIY Alice In Wonderland

For this adorable DIY Alice in Wonderland costume, use a good sized cardboard box and paint to create your very own White Rabbit house! 

4. Amelia Earhart

Let your little girl’s imagination soar this Halloween in this Amelia Earhart costume! The plane can be made at home with cardboard.

5. Jim Henson

As the creator of the beloved Muppets, Jim Henson makes for a clever and easy Halloween costume. All you really need is a Kermit, a fake beard, and some string. 

6. Frida Kahlo

Release your little girl’s inner artist in this Frida Kahlo costume. Simple to create and utterly adorable this look is a Halloween must.

7. Green Army Man

How cool is this costume? I always wanted some of these toys as a kid, but being a girl I was never given one. I’m still not over it. For your little boy (or girl) let them enlist your DIY skills in creating this costume!

8. A Giant Fluffy Cloud

I’d be lying if I said I don’t want this costume myself. All you really need is some pillow stuffing and a pair of white tights. 

9. A Jelly Belly

This is the best DIY idea I’ve seen in awhile. It could be because I am in love with sweets though. 

10. Madeline

I’m holding back tears – this costume is so cute! As well as simple to create.

If you have any DIY tips or unique costume ideas leave a comment below!

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