More Kids Halloween Costumes Ideas (24 days left!)

October 07, 2018

It’s that time of year again where your child can become anything they want to for one night and you have the power to help make that happen!

Halloween is an exciting part of childhood; your imagination is encouraged to go into overdrive (something that is usually overactive anyway) and you can pretend to be someone else for one blissful candy-fueled night. Now the question is – who do you help them become?

There are many costumes available nowadays thanks to the wonderful world of the internet.

Kids can pick essentially anyone they want to be so where do we even begin? Let’s start with your child’s probable heroes and then revisit some classics that will most likely make you the parent just as happy as your little one on Halloween night. Childhood heroes often range from the classic superhero to Harry Potter and with so many options it can be a bit overwhelming.

Kids Superman Returns Muscle Deluxe CostumeHere are a few of the most common ones to help in your decision making.

Don’t forget you can always add some DIY touches to any costume you do end up buying to make it even more fun!

Superman may initially seem like an obvious Halloween costume, but with details like a semi creepy but amazing Clark Kent mask this is a great choice! Supergirl is an option if you have siblings who both hail from Krypton. Moms can even get in on the action with their own Supergirl costume.

Another superhero option that the whole family can join in on is Captain America, part of the Marvel universe that is (forgive me) super popular right now.

Thor, a personal favorite, also lives in the Marvel universe and if your daughter is a fan too, try out the version made for her!

Here are some Halloween costumes ideas for kids based on characters from their favorite television shows.

Kids SpongeBob Squarepants CostumeSpongeBob Squarepants: Are you ready kids?! This costume is for everyone who’s ever wanted to see what it’s like to live in a pineapple under the sea.

Scooby Doo: This costume is perfect for solving mysteries in! Or for collecting snacks while tirck or treating. Be part of the Mysteries Incorporated gang and sniff out a few clues too.

Hannah Montana: You’ve really got the best of both worlds with this costume! So, grab your microphone and get ready jam out. This costume comes with everything you need to put on a show, including Hannah’s famous blonde wig!

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