Halloween Costumes Ideas for Kids (30 days left!)

October 01, 2018

With so many Halloween costumes for kids to choose from these days, it can feel like an impossible decision.

Do you make the costume yourself, or do you buy it form a store? How active of a role should your child play in making the ultimate decision of which costume to wear?

Where do you even begin to narrow down the potential costume categories that will be the right fit for your individually unique child? Luckily, at Costume City, we’ve got you covered. We have a wide range of Halloween costumes for kids that will fit any style and budget.

The number of categories that Halloween costumes for kids can fall into delves into the several hundred.

From superhero to animal and everything in between. But, fear not! This blog post will help avoid all the confusion when it comes to finding the right Halloween costumes for kids. We will be exploring four broad categories of costume for your child: family themed costumes, popular costumes, book-based costumes, and television based costumes.

Family/Group Costumes

These costume ideas are a great way to get the whole family into the Halloween spirit. From siblings to pet, and everyone in between. The movie Toy Story is a great place to get inspiration from for a Halloween costume for kids.

Woody (version 1) (version 2): The perfect Halloween costume for kids who are either a fan of the movie Toy Story or just cowboys in general.

Buzz Lightyear: Everyone’s favorite astronaut and superhero! You can also add a jetpack and gloves to complete your out of this world costume.


Super Heroes and Princesses:  
The MOST popular Halloween costumes for kids.

Batman: Get your batmobile ready, because this Batman costume is the real deal! Complete with a mask and cape, your child will be completely equipped to fight off any evildoers they encounter.

Jasmine: This shimmery lavender outfit will have you feeling like going for magic carpet ride. With all the glitz and glam of a princess…including a jewel-encrusted crown!

Elsa: When you dawn this gown, you’re sure to be singing the night away!

Read all about it! Halloween costumes inspired by your favorite books.

Harry Potter: The boy who lived! When you dawn this robe from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry you just might discover a little magic within its fabric.

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