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10 Creative Kids Halloween Costumes (18 days left!)

October 13, 2018

Halloween is the one time each year where we get the opportunity to wear whatever we want.

Any holiday is an opportunity to get crafty, create your own amazing Halloween costume this year that is sure to be a hit.

Lavish costumes can be expensive. Here are ten Halloween costumes that will impress your friends and family, and can be constructed with clothing and accessories your child may already own.

If not, these items can easily be found in thrift stores. Just add some extra details with props and makeup, and you’re set for Halloween.

1. Hannibal Lector

Straightjacket and all. This sinister costume is certainly not what you would expect from most kids, and it is fairly easy to DIY and piece together. You will need orange pants and an orange collard shirt ( prison uniform), a large white long sleeve shirt or jacket to be wrapped in (straightjacket) , and a cardboard slab to be “strapped” to. Complete with a face mask.

2.Old Lady/ Man

Is your little one just learning to walk? Help them out with Trick or Treating by making them a walker that pairs with their costume.

Add a grey wig and glasses. For clothes, try lumpy cardigans, long skirts, suspenders, and sweater vests.

3. Dwight Schrute

Fans of The Office will love this one! To create the look of Dwight, your child needs a button up shirt and tie, slacks, and the Aviator glasses. A key attribute to Dwight’s look is his hair. Have the hair parted in the middle and slicked down with hair gel. Complete with a name badge that says “Dwight Schrute”.

4. Albert Einstein

It’s never too early to get kids excited about science! The outfit can easily be created with a white button-up shirt, brown trousers, and suspenders. The fun part will be creating his wild hair. Find a grey wig, and mustache, and fill in the brows with an ash tone brow pencil.

5. Edward Scissorhands –

This costume is more detailed. For clothes, have your kid wear a white button up long sleeve shirt, grey pants, and suspenders. Get the black wig and scissor gloves from Amazon. The face makeup is a key part to the costume, so here is where you will have to be creative. Use white face paint or a light powder to create Edward’s fair. chalky, complexion. Eyeshadow can create the look of his dark under eye circles and grey lips. Get scar molds from a Halloween retailer to create the stitches on his face.

6. Gandhi

Skip the scary theme and promote peace this Halloween. Style this look with four easy pieces. You will need a white cotton robe, a  grey mustache, round glasses, and a bead necklace. Gandhi was bald, so you may also want a bald cap or skin colored swim cap.

7. Smurfs

Smurfs are a fun costume that can be either very simple or very detailed. Get a costume or create one with blue leggings, a blue long sleeve shirt, solid white pants or a dress, and a white cap. To create a more detailed look, add blue face paint. If dressing as Smurfette, you can also add a blonde wig and white heels.

8. Beetlejuice

A Halloween classic! Beetlejuice’s crazy appearance is a fun one to replicate with his bright green hair and scary makeup. Add white face paint or powder, and black eyeshadow around the eye.


To dress as Popeye, you will need a black button up shirt, red ascot tie, blue jeans. brown boots, and white sailors hat. Popeye also has two anchor tattoos (one on each arm), and a pipe. You can buy a prop pipe from a party store. For the tattoos, you can draw them on with body paint, or try these realistic looking temporary tattoos that are only $5 for a set of two.


Star Wars fans will appreciate this one. Creating Yoda’s look is simple. You just need the robe, and the ears. 

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