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Kids Costumes

It's no secret: kids love Halloween. Sure, candy and treats are nice, but the most fun comes from dressing up! Over the years, kids have Trick-or-Treated as any number of things, but several tried-and-true personas have emerged as part of the holiday: Frankenstein, Dracula (or vampires), ghosts, witches, and werewolves are just a few of the traditional looks that Costume City can provide.


But we also carry the most popular modern favorites, too, like Star Wars characters, superheroes (Iron Man or Spider-man, anyone?), and Captain Jack Sparrow from the hit Pirates of the Caribbean films, to name just a few. We also carry costumes for Disney characters, Spongebob Squarepants, Elmo, Pixar, Winnie the Pooh, Dr. Seuss, and much, much more. And, since the "hot new character" tends to change from year to year, Costume City will stay on top of the popular trends to bring you the newest, hottest costumes.